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Local Work

Where you want/when you want. National coverage. Be your own boss and set your own schedule.

Online Credentials

Never lose your credentials again. Everything is securely stored where you can access and update them online.

Mobile Alerts

Receive instant notifications of open shifts, canceled shifts, and payment confirmations.

Same-Day Pay

Daily access to the money you just earned, supported 24/7/365.

Let Gale Work for You

Flexible Part-Time or Full-Time Work Across America

Life is more than work. Gale puts you in control. Set your own schedule.


  • Be your own boss. Set your own schedule. Work around your lifestyle.

  • Select facilities in locations near you.

  • Get notifications of available shifts based on your availability.

Be Your Own Boss, Set Your Own Schedule

When financial situations or life opportunities come up, Gale gives you a way to earn the extra money to meet your needs. There’s no waiting—you’ll leave your shift with immediate money in the bank.


  • Earn the extra money you need.

  • Get paid same day.

“With Gale, now I can see my son’s Friday night football games.” – Halisha, Lakeland, FL
“I was working long shifts and feeling overwhelmed and under-appreciated. Then my friend told me about Gale. Now I have the freedom to choose where and when I want to work.” – Suzie, LPN
“Nurses play a vital role in healthcare, but we are often underpaid. Gale offers a higher pay rate and I know when I leave my shift the money is already in my bank account. That’s been a life-changer for my family.” – Luke, RN
“It is easy to forget about yourself when you’re always taking care of others. Taking work that allows me to do more fun things—things I love and are fulfilling to me—recharges me to be able to give even better care to those I encounter both professionally and personally.” – Bea, RN

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