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Gale Healthcare provides digital technology to ensure no person goes without care.



With over 30 years of healthcare staffing experience, Gale knows how to find and credential qualified nurses to meet local facility needs.


With on-demand technology, Gale makes scheduling simple by connecting available nurses to open shifts at the touch of a button.


With Gale, nurses have the option to be paid daily within a few hours...

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Who should use Gale?

Who Should Use Gale?

The healthcare scheduling solution you've been waiting for.

We created the Gale App to connect nurses and caregivers to healthcare facilities in need of clinical support, providing flexible schedules and daily pay for nurses, facilitating consistent coverage for facilities, and ensuring quality care for the people they serve.

How Gale Works

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Get Started with Gale

Get Started with Gale

Ready to connect to hundreds of open positions near you?

If you’re a nurse, Gale puts the control in your hands, letting you manage your schedule, your credentials, and your pay — all with the Gale app. We’ve made it easy to #UseGale — get started today!

  • Apply to join Gale.
  • After your application is approved, download the Gale app.
  • Set your work availability.
  • Accept or decline the shifts you want.
  • Complete your shift and get paid daily.

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Real Stories. Remarkable Results.

With the Gale app, healthcare professionals get the solution they need to overcome traditional scheduling challenges. See what others are saying about their experience.

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Gale cares for facility managers too.

The days of stressing over unfilled shifts are over. Gale enhances your ability to manage staff, fill open shifts, and ensure your facility provides quality care on a consistent basis.

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