One Platform for Managing your Workforce

Gale Healthcare now offers its nationally recognized healthcare and payments platform to solve your staffing challenges.

Designed for all your staffing needs, Gale is a complete Employee Management System (EMS.) Cost-effective and easy-to-use, Gale offers:


24/7 Portable Access

Check your schedule anytime, anywhere through the Gale mobile or desktop app.


Automated Scheduling

No more calling. No more texting. With Gale, your staff get instant alerts of open shifts – and self-schedule with the click of a button.


Daily Pay Options

Need incentives to attract and retain staff? Our daily pay option is a highly-valued benefit and it frees you from payroll.


Secure Credential Management

With Gale’s proprietary Passport, staff get safe storage of their credentials. You get electronic access anytime you need.



More shifts getting filled, GPS tracking during shifts, and other features translate into bottom line savings.

With Gale, the technology does the scheduling for you.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Clinicians download the Gale App, update their availability.


Step 2

Your team adds shift needs (includes skill level, date, and time).



Step 3

Clinicians receive notifications for shifts that match their skill and availability.



Step 4

Your team gets instant notification as shifts are accepted.