Uber for nurses: An app lets nurses work when and where they want

NewsNovember 11, 2022

With a new CTO from Google and $60 million in equity investment, Gale is looking to help curb the nursing shortage through the nimble use of technology.

The nursing shortage in the United States is at crisis levels. And more and more nurses are burning out and moving on.

Solutions are needed to help hospitals and health systems continue to be able to deliver quality healthcare. Many in the health IT space believe technology has a role to play.

Earlier this year, Gale Healthcare Solutions raised a $60 million growth equity investment from FTV Capital. The aim is to expand the abilities and reach of its mobile app, which is designed to match nurses with available shifts.

Gale enables nurses to search for open shifts and claim the ones they want in real time. It is a platform that pays nurses the same day, minutes after they finish work. Having this type of flexibility and same-day pay is key to boosting morale and ending the nursing shortage, which COVID has exacerbated, said Tony Braswell, CEO of Gale.

Gale, named after Florence Nightingale, now has 55,000 clinicians using its app in 40 states, and made the Inc. 5,000 list of America's fastest growing companies.

Healthcare IT News sat down with Braswell to discuss the nursing shortage, his mobile app and the role of technology in helping ease the pain nurses are feeling today.

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Gale cares for facility managers too.

The days of stressing over unfilled shifts are over. Gale enhances your ability to manage staff, fill open shifts, and ensure your facility provides quality care on a consistent basis.

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