What do nursing professionals want most in their careers? Schedule control? Quicker pay? Location variety? Well now, you can have all this plus more – and an app is all you need!

Technology has one primary purpose: To make life easier. In healthcare, it’s being used to empower RNs, LPNs, and CNAs in ways they never imagined possible. Hold on to your nurse caps, because we’re counting down the top five reasons nurses prefer app-based staffing over traditional staffing. 

#5 The Streamlined Experience

If you’re used to old-school staffing, you’ve probably spent a lot of time calling and texting with your company to find work or discuss an issue. Maybe you’ve even had to drive to the office to handle it in person. App-based staffing makes that a thing of the past! You can set your schedule availability, pick up shifts, submit your timesheet, monitor your credentials, and share feedback – all from the convenience of your smartphone. 

#4 You Customize Your Schedule – Really!

One of the main advantages of working per diem is being able to work when you want. An app makes finding your options easier than ever. Again, no need to call the staffing company. Enter your availability, check out the open shifts and accept those that work for you. Can’t work on Tuesdays? No problem. Need flexibility for family time? No worries – app-based scheduling means  you can update your availability as often as you choose.

#3 A Variety of Locations to Choose From

Imagine this: It’s Monday – but this time, you’re not dreading it! Today, you’ll have a fresh experience because you’re working at a new facility you’ve been wondering about. You’re looking forward to fresh faces and a new environment. This is the dynamic lifestyle app-based staffing that can provide. Maybe you want to gain experience in different healthcare settings. Or maybe you need to be at a certain facility because it’s near your child’s soccer game later. Whatever the reason is, app-based staffing makes it easy to find work at locations that work for you.

#2. They Monitor Your Credentials For You

Quick: Off the top of your head, when does your nursing license expire? It’s okay – with app-based staffing, you’ll get an alert letting you know you need to renew soon. You’ll also have peace-of-mind knowing all your credentials are safely stored and easy to access whenever and wherever you need. No more scrambling through paperwork at home. You’ll have all your credentials at your fingertips. It’s a bit like having a personal assistant!

#1.  Quick Pay!

This is the fan favorite! Just as app-based staffing makes it easy to find work fast, it also makes it easy to get paid quickly. Why wait to get paid next Friday – or later? Today, some app-based staffing firms can get you paid the next day – or even sooner! Just get hit with an unexpected bill? Need more money for the holidays? App-based staffing gives you the power to pick up work and earn the extra cash you need quickly. 

Have it all at Gale Healthcare

App-based staffing has revolutionized temporary nursing. From quicker pay to custom schedules, the profession has never been more flexible. While many firms are starting to offer some of these features, Gale Healthcare offers the whole package. Schedule shifts quickly and easily, manage your schedule, and earn the fastest pay in the industry. And that’s not all. Gale hires all temporary staff as W2 employees, which means you’re also eligible for benefits* that include:

  • Holiday and Overtime pay
  • Access to Medical, Dental, Vision, and Disability Insurance options
  • Professional Counseling Services 
  • Financial coaching 

If you’re a nurse or nursing assistant who’s ready to take advantage of app-based staffing advantages, click below to start or finish your application. 

We look forward to helping you discover the freedom and flexibility of being a Gale clinician! 

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*Eligibility for some benefits is based on specific work requirements.