It’s time to choose your nursing specialty –  but first, a pop quiz: How many nursing specialties are there? Think of as many specialties as you can and make your best guess. Are you ready for the answer?

The fact is there are over 100+ nursing specialties! So, when presented with so many unique ways to provide care, how do you choose? Let’s see what the expert has to say.

We spoke with Eric Dorsey RN, the Chief Nursing Officer at Gale Healthcare Solutions. Dorsey brings more than 20 years of healthcare experience to the table. So whether you’re a new nurse picking your first specialty or an experienced nurse looking to try something new, follow along as we count down the five best tips for choosing a nursing specialty. 

#5 Consider What’s in High Demand

As the nursing shortage continues, the demand for nurses has never been greater. But the demand is even greater for some specialties, providing high pay and job security. According to Nurse Journal, which provides an online hub for supporting nursing education, the following specialties are currently in high demand:

#4 Consider your Strengths

Considering your natural strengths is important when choosing your specialty. Are you great at explaining things? You may have a promising career as a nurse educator. If you’re great at commanding a room, nursing administration could be rewarding. Nevertheless, considering what you’re good at can help narrow the search and increase your chances of choosing a specialty you’ll be successful with.

#3 Consider Environment and Exposure

When choosing a specialty, always consider where you’re comfortable working. Your choice could mean the difference between working in a nursing home or a hospital. Your specialty can also affect whether you work with children or the elderly. 

Potential exposure is another issue to consider. Some nursing specialties involve caring for patients with infectious diseases. Other specialties may require engaging with patients more prone to behavioral challenges. It’s all about what you’re prepared to handle.  

#2 Consider the cost – and the toll!

When researching nursing specialties, consider the financial, physical, and emotional factors associated with them. Your choice could mean the difference between going to school for between one and four years. Depending on the school you choose, tuition can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

The specialty you choose can also determine whether you work with patients with terminal illnesses. When choosing your specialty, consider the financial investment, as well as the psychological and physical toll of achieving it. 

#1 Consider Your Passion

What better way to achieve enjoyment in your career than following your passion? According to Career Vision, only 20% of U.S. workers are passionate about their jobs. Considering a specialty you’re passionate about is a great way to escape the grim side of that statistic. For instance, Dorsey discovered his passion for long-term caregiving while caring for his mother. That experience inspired him to pursue a career as a registered nurse. Think of passion as your fuel: it keeps you going!

About Eric Dorsey, RN

Eric Dorsey RN is the Chief Nursing Officer at Gale Healthcare Solutions. Dorsey began his nursing career as a nursing assistant, providing care while pursuing his nursing license. He then went on to become a long-term care nurse, before later serving as a Regional Nurse Manager and Nurse Practice Educator. Dorsey’s clinical background and diverse experiences in long-term care provide vital insights into the daily challenges facing patients, nursing staff, and healthcare communities.

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