February 14, 2023
Written By Tony Braswell
Published in Staffing Industry Analysis (SIA)

How do we best support our clients’ needs? If you’re in staffing, you’ve likely asked yourself this question many times. As a 30-year veteran in healthcare staffing, mostly serving the long-term and senior care with the clinicians they need to fill staffing gaps as quickly and reliably as possible.

Today, that challenge is greater than ever. The national nursing shortage has been a serious issue for years, and it’s only worsened since the start of the pandemic. Nurses are burnt out, and many are leaving the profession. As an industry in the business of helping healthcare facilities secure the staff they need for quality care, it’s crucial to understand what clinicians are looking for so we can keep more of them on the job.

We recently conducted a survey of 501 clinicians working for Gale Healthcare Solutions — an online staffing platform for nurses — to see what they value when looking for work. What we learned can shape new workforce management strategies in 2023 for healthcare and for other sectors that provide staffing services.

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