New York Times – Op Ed | June 19, 2023
Tony Braswell

Your article rightly states that there is not a clear consensus on how some gig workers, such as rideshare drivers and freelance writers, should be classified under current employment laws. But when it comes to the highly regulated healthcare industry, there’s no room for debate: nurses and nursing assistants should be classified as employees.

The recent rise in digital healthcare staffing platforms gives nurses more flexibility, allowing them to work shifts as they please rather than full time at a facility. However, some of these staffing platforms improperly claim that because their nurses work gig-style schedules, they can be classified as independent contractors. These firms save themselves money, but put the nurses and facilities where they work at risk.  Nurses don’t control when they start and end their shifts. They are supervised, and perform their responsibilities according to strict guidelines., When properly enforced, the Fair Labor Standards Act enables nurses to enjoy gig-style schedules, without losing the employee-related benefits they deserve..

Tony Braswell
Tampa, FL
The writer is the President and Founder of Gale Healthcare Solutions