It’s National Hire a Veteran Day – and Gale Healthcare is building an army to ensure no person goes without care.

Transitioning out of the military into civilian life can be challenging. For some veterans, it’s difficult to make the leap, resulting in a struggle to adjust to corporate culture – but thanks to a new partnership, Gale Healthcare has a solution!

In 2022, we joined forces with Hiring Our Heroes to establish career development opportunities for recently retired veterans and active duty service people transitioning into the private sector. We’ve established opportunities in a variety of areas including administration, marketing, information technology, and operations. Gale’s Talent Acquisitions Team is excited to recruit new talent into our Corporate Fellowship Program, but how does the program work?

Read more about the benefits of Gale’s Healthcare’s Corporate Fellowship Program; How it works, and how it has contributed to Hiring Our Heroes92% job placement rate, as well as an average starting salary of $93K per year.

1. We Chart the Course Together

At Gale, we set our fellows up to succeed! So in the first week of your fellowship, you’ll be given a 12-week timeline detailing essential checkpoints along your journey. This timeline will include project start dates, mentor lunches, mid-session reviews, and more. You’ll also be introduced to the team you’ll be working with and receive on-the-job training 4 days a week during your 3-week orientation period. If you have questions, no problem! Our mentors are dedicated to seeing you succeed in your fellowship and will answer any questions you have. 

2. You take the Reins

By the third week of your fellowship, you’ll be given an opportunity to spearhead projects of your own.  This will be your time to shine! You’ll have complete access to Gale’s resources to execute your work within Gale’s guidelines. During this time, you’ll also be exposed to multiple new areas of professional interest. This will be an opportunity for you to acquire new skills, increasing your marketability and earning potential! 

3. Graduation and Hiring Decision!

This is the moment you’ve been working so diligently towards! From weeks 9 to week 12, hiring discussions will begin. During that time, you’ll discuss the highlights of your fellowship experience with your mentor and go over your projects and achievements. You’ll even be honored at a graduation ceremony hosted by Hiring Our Heroes alongside fellow graduates of the Corporate Fellowship Program. Remember: Gale shares your goal of making this a longer-term opportunity. We begin this process with the desire to hire our corporate fellows after they complete their 12-week fellowship period.

 You’re Invited to #GrowWithGale

Do you want to take your shot at Gale’s Corporate Fellowship Program? Visit the Hiring Our Heroes website and throw your hat into the ring! Gale Healthcare has career opportunities in a variety of areas. 

If you’d rather look for full-time employment immediately, you can do that too. Click here to browse our latest career opportunities. 

Either way, we invite you to check out how you can #GrowWithGale