What is Gale doing to prevent COVID-19 at the facilities we serve?

January 21, 2021

We are carefully following advice from CDC and other health officials to help ensure our clinicians’ safety and the safety of those we work with and care for. Gale closely monitors COVID testing of all clinicians to ensure they are safe to work and are meeting testing requirements, and we have shared CDC guidance related to the protection offered by the COVID-19 vaccine. In addition, all Gale clinicians are directed to follow each facility’s pre-screening procedures and each facility’s infection control protocols. Gale employees also complete a regular pre-work self-assessment to screen for exposure and symptoms. If a clinician is deemed to be at high or medium risk for COVID-19, they are restricted from work until they are cleared to resume.

Gale cares for facility managers too.

The days of stressing over unfilled shifts are over. Gale enhances your ability to manage staff, fill open shifts, and ensure your facility provides quality care on a consistent basis.

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