We live in a world where everything happens by way of technology.  We order groceries through an app, conduct research via search engines, and communicate with each other over online social channels. The average person checks their smartphone 85 times per day and spends 20 minutes at a time on Facebook.

If you want to know what people are thinking, read what they are candidly sharing on social media. Here are some posts we recently found from real nurses.  We’ve protected their actual identity because we feel their words could represent many of their professional peers.

Facebook Post:

It can be easy to forget that nurses are human beings because they seem like superheroes.  The demands of the job can cause psychological and behavioral effects of stress. For nurses and their organizations, job stress is very costly. The side effects of nurses who are overworked, underappreciated, and overly stressed take the form of tiredness, harsh behavior, anxiety, an increase in blood pressure, lack of self-confidence, lack of job satisfaction, and a decrease in efficiency. All of that can lead to depression, isolation from patients, absence, and a decrease of their qualification, and subpar patient care. We need healthy, happy nurses.

Giving nurses the option to choose shifts that revolve around their personal life and priorities reduces stress and allows them to feel valued–not just for their superior nursing skills, but also for who they are as a person.

Tina Teamwork

Some jobs are physically demanding. Some are mentally demanding. Some are emotionally demanding. Nursing is all three. I wish nurses would be nicer to each other.

Nurses juggle a lot of responsibilities. Beyond their normal workload, nurses are expected to care about patients, have positive interpersonal relationships with colleagues, maintain an ongoing knowledge and continue sharpening their skills. We would think that we would hear stories about the physical demands of serving patients and being on their feet all day, but when we speak with nurses they tell us that the interpersonal aspect of their job can be the most strenuous.

When a nurse works with a staffing company, they get to go into various different organizations. They get to know their personnel and discover the places that foster a culture of care, not just with their patients but also among their staff. These are the places where they choose to return again and again.  This is positive for both the nurse and the healthcare industry.  Those healthcare managers who are promoting positive relationships in their organization will rise as the most popular choices for excellent nurses.

Mathias Money

My son’s birthday is on Monday, but I don’t get paid again until next Friday. I hate that he won’t get his gift from me on his actual birthday, but the bills come first.

Although nurses should be among the top-paid employees in the country, many of them are living paycheck-to-paycheck.  They dedicate themselves to caring for others every day, but often when it comes time to care for themselves, there is nothing left to give.

One reason nurses are gravitating toward nurse staffing agencies like Gale is that they can pick up extra shifts and get money deposited into their account on the same day.  It’s gratifying to close out a shift and see the results of your hard work immediately. There are viable options available for nurses to use their skills to make extra money for birthdays, vacations, holiday shopping, and extra needs.

If you’re a nurse or a facility manager, I’m sure none of these nursing realities come as a surprise to you. What may surprise you is knowing that there are solutions available to you, right now, to resolve every one of these complaints. If you’re ready to feel valued as a person, discover facilities that create a culture of teamwork, and have resources that meet your needs and your wants–then it’s time to consider what Gale could do for you.