Gale Healthcare Acquires Scrubs Medical Staffing

March 16, 2020

Gale Healthcare, the world’s first on-demand healthcare staffing application, has recently acquired Scrubs Medical Staffing on March 16, 2020.

Scrubs Medical Staffing, founded in 2018, was started by a veteran registered nurse who was fed up with the industry’s current methods of recruiting and staffing. Following Gale Healthcare’s rapid growth in the market, Scrubs Medical realized the tremendous opportunity to join with Gale to leverage Gale’s patent-pending technology to support their clinicians and the facilities they staff.

“We are excited to bring Scrubs Medical on board to the Gale team. This acquisition places Gale in the center of the Louisville market, an area with a growing need for healthcare staff and support,” said Gale Healthcare Chief Executive Officer, Tony Braswell. “This acquisition is a result of our continued efforts to positively impact patient care throughout the United States. We are one step closer to ending the nursing shortage for the long-term care community!”

About Gale Healthcare

Gale Healthcare is a healthcare tech company focused on placing the right person, at the right place, at the right time – using the latest technology. Gale Healthcare developed the world’s first on-demand staffing application, the Gale App. Since launching the Gale App in 2016, Gale Healthcare has grown from 1 state and 300 employees to now operating in 26 states with over 15,000 active clinicians. Gale Healthcare aims to be the industry leader in healthcare staffing while providing a solution to the growing nursing shortage. Gale Healthcare empowers their nursing staff with benefits like same-day pay while providing healthcare facilities access to thousands of credentialed staff and ease of scheduling.