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While we offer 24/7 customer support, these are the most frequently asked questions we hear - they may take care of your issue. If you don’t see your question answered here, feel free to contact us directly!

Gale For Nurses

Gale Healthcare provides three options for being paid:
  • Same Day Pay - $2.00 convenience fee* Funds are automatically loaded onto the pay card. * Does not apply in Massachusetts, Illinois, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Oregon, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island
  • Direct Deposit - Free A deposit will be made each week to a personal bank account. Deposits are made on Friday the week after you complete your shift, i.e., if you work this Monday, you will be paid next Friday.
  • Check by Mail - Free A check will be mailed by U.S. Mail to the address you provided.
To change your current pay method, send the request via the Payroll Inquiry button on the Gale app.
In some instances, this is allowed. Check with your market manager to see if a temporary badge can be provided. You can hold your timeslip after working until the pay card arrives.
No, time and a half is the maximum allowed.
Yes. For most facilities, holidays include New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve. This can vary by market, so check with your Market Manager to confirm for a particular facility.  Your market manager can email you the holiday shifts/facilities in your market.
Yes, you are allowed to work overtime at facilities that approve overtime.
Check with your market manager.  In most markets, the workweek begins with the first shift on Friday morning and runs until the end of the 3rd shift on Thursday night.
Yes, if requested. If going in early, call the office so they can re-enter your shift for the earlier start time.  If you are staying later, you can note “Extra hours requested by the facility” on the timeslip and have the facility initial.
Yes, unless the facility approves for you to work without a break. In this case, you must note “No Lunch” on your timeslip and have the facility initial it, along with their regular signature.
All payroll related questions must be submitted through the Payroll Inquiry feature in the Gale App. Include your name, phone number, the name of the facility, the date and shift you worked, and the problem as briefly as possible. Remember: Payroll has 24-hours from when your timeslip is received after the end of your shift to process payment.  If you do not follow the process shown in the Gale App Check-in video, your pay will likely be delayed.
Yes, you will receive a notification via the app and an email identifying the problem that needs correction. The most frequent causes for delay are failing to use the Start shift and End shift features on the app, to record the correct date or time of the shift (including am and pm), or to sign or get a facility signature.
To make sure the Start / End Shift feature works properly, check your cell service. If service is limited, ask the facility for the Wi-Fi password. Also verify that your location services are set to “Always Allow” for the Gale app, located in the app permissions section of your phone’s settings.
Follow all steps shown in the “App Check-in” video on the Gale app. Failure to follow these steps will void the 24-hour guaranteed turn-around for payment, and your payment will be delayed as we will have to manually verify the time with the facility.
No, if you need to change your schedule, including place of work, you will need to get approval from your market manager first.
Call-outs are for emergencies only. If your shift is within 24 hours or less, and you call out, you can expect immediate follow-up and potential cancellation of your remaining shifts for the next 30 days. Calling out in the 30 days following a 30-day suspension can lead to termination. Suspensions also apply to other performance issues, including repeated unprofessional behavior, late attendance, or incomplete documentation/charting. A “No Call / No Show” is grounds for immediate termination. Failure to follow proper call-out procedure will be considered a no-call/no-show.
In the event of an emergency, if you are unable to report, you must click on "Call Out" on your schedule in the Gale app. You must also call the office at (727) 321-5877.
You must call our office at (727) 321-5877 so we can let the facility know. If you do not, the facility may cancel your shift.
You are entitled to 2 hours of pay for your time and trouble. Complete your timeslip showing the regular start time, sign it and write “Cancelled - 2 hours T&T” across the bottom of the slip.  The facility does not have to sign it. Upload as you normally would.
Late calls are shifts requested less than 2 hours, prior to the start of a shift. When you accept a late call, you will be paid for the entire shift if you arrive at the facility within 1 hour of accepting the shift request. If you know you cannot be there at the start of a shift, and only want to be notified of last-minute opportunities, be sure to check the “Late Call Only” box on the Availability screen to see these shift requests.
A Block Booked shift is when a facility requests to schedule you specifically. Example of a blocked book shift notification: You have been requested to work 7a-7p on 1/29/21 @ Loving Care Rehab?  Show facilities you are dependable, a team player, and committed to providing great patient care, so they think of you first when scheduling staff.
You can get the rate from your market manager.  In some cases, a shift request or notification will include the rate, particularly if it has been increased to fill an urgent need.
Prior to accepting the shift, you can “View map”.  After booking a shift, you can see the facility location and any other details, such as preferred scrub color for that facility, on your Schedule tab in the app.
No, however, once you accept, you are always responsible for going.
First, check your messages on the Gale app. You will have shift requests when the facility needs match your availability. For example: Can you work 7a-7p on 1/29/21 @ Loving Care Rehab?  Once you open a shift, you have to choose to Accept or Decline.  Once declined, you can’t accept. (If you change your mind, contact your Market Manager or call our main line so it can be resent to you). You will also get blast notifications through the app. These notifications go to everyone in a market. For example: LPN needed today @ Loving Care Rehab 7a-3p. If you want to accept, you will need to make sure your availability is set for that time and then check your messages. 
Set your availability as far in advance and as open as possible to maximize the shift notifications you receive. You will only receive notifications for shifts that match your availability.

General Support

Tax documents (W-2s) are available after January 31st and will be mailed to the address within your Gale profile. You can also access a digital version by going to On the site, click 'Menu' > 'W-2s' > 'W-2 for 2021'.
Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with any questions related to the Gale App, facilities, or shifts through the Feedback feature in the app or by filling out our contact form.  You may also contact your market manager during business hours.

Facility COVID FAQs

We are carefully following advice from CDC and other health officials to help ensure our clinicians’ safety and the safety of those we work with and care for. Gale continues to follow the direction provided by CMS, CDC and other healthcare officials. As with the annual flu vaccine, and consistent with federal guidance, we encourage clinicians to get vaccinated for COVID-19. While COVID-19 vaccination is no longer a federal requirement, we encourage all clinicians to keep their vaccination status updated so that facilities that choose to maintain vaccination requirements can access clinician credentials at any time. COVID-19 vaccination records are available for each clinician under the credentials tab on the Gale app. Clinicians that have declined vaccinations due to religious or other reasons will show an approved exemption request


On June 5, 2023, CMS announced it would no longer be mandating COVID-19 vaccination requirements for federally-funded healthcare facilities, or enforcing the mandate that officially ends 60 days later (August 4, 2023). However, some states, cities and healthcare facilities may maintain COVID-19 vaccination requirements. Gale Healthcare follows the requirements for all healthcare providers that we serve. Where a COVID-19 vaccination applies, it is noted in the Gale app shift information so that all clinicians are alerted whether they are eligible to work. Providers can also check the COVID-19 vaccination status of any clinician scheduled to work by checking their credentials in the Gale app.
If you have had a confirmed case of COVID-19, notify your Market Manager immediately so your schedule can be adjusted. Under CDC guidelines, if you were tested for COVID-19 and tested positive: do not return to work until all of the following conditions are met:
  • Clinicians may return to work only fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication, and if symptoms have subsided
  • The CDC recommends that an additional 5 days of quarantine when a fever or symptoms are still present after the initial 5 days of quarantine, making a full 10 day quarantine.
Under CDC guidelines, the patient will be immediately tested and isolated if positive. Clinicians providing care for patients that have tested positive will be following CDC and the facility's infection control protocols, which includes wearing PPE. The Gale Clinical team will continue monitoring those clinicians and will provide guidance and follow up, as needed. Local health departments may also provide follow-up instructions for each individual exposed.

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