Will vaccination-related symptoms keep me from working?

January 25, 2021

Most post-vaccine signs and symptoms are mild to moderate and occur within three days of vaccination and resolve within one to two days of onset.  Because post-vaccine symptoms could be mistakenly considered infectious, CDC offers guidance to limit unnecessary work restrictions. 

The following symptoms may be experienced after vaccination: fever, fatigue, headache, chills, myalgia, and arthralgia. Those experiencing these symptoms following vaccination may be considered for return to work. However, if a fever does not improve or persists for more than two days, they should be excluded from work pending further evaluation and viral testing should be considered. 

The following symptoms are not consistent with post-vaccination symptoms and should exclude individuals from work pending further evaluation: cough, shortness of breath, rhinorrhea (runny nose), sore throat, or loss of taste or smell.

For more information, please see the CDC frequently asked questions.

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