Long Term Care Facility

January 6, 2021

Long-Term Care Facilities

Elevate care through streamlined scheduling

As a Long-Term Care Facility, your residents deserve a calm, caring environment where they feel comfortable. Their health and your success depend on it. The last thing you — or your residents — need are nurses and nurse aides who are frustrated and exhausted from filling in for uncovered shifts. By giving you the ability to instantly broadcast your available shifts to qualified nurses in your area, the Gale App helps you maximize your efficiency and ensure consistent shift coverage. On top of that, your nurses enjoy greater job satisfaction knowing they can control their schedule and enjoy the financial security of same-day pay. Streamlined scheduling, happy nurses, and enhanced resident care — that’s what you can expect when you partner with Gale.

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Gale cares for facility managers too.

The days of stressing over unfilled shifts are over. Gale enhances your ability to manage staff, fill open shifts, and ensure your facility provides quality care on a consistent basis.

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