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Frequently Asked Questions

As a nurse manager, one of my biggest dilemmas is when staff calls in sick unexpectedly. What is the best way to fill those gaps with Gale?

Like insurance, unexpected dilemmas is one of the reasons Gale exists. For Gale to work with you to solve these last minute scheduling problems, contact Gale at: 

I don't want to give up my CNA position, but it's becoming more difficult to balance my personal life, school and my work. If I sign up with Gale, am I required to work whenever a facility requests services?

We can appreciate your desire to grow your career skills and enjoy your family, and personal life. With Gale, you work when you want, if you want. Gale will notify you of your options and you have the choice to accept or decline opportunities. Start by filling out an application at: 

I am interested in working with Gale, but am wondering how you determine if the staff members you would be sending to my facility has all the proper and up-to-date licenses and experience.

Those are great concerns and we share them with you. That is why all Gale health professionals are licensed, credentialed and accepted through the Gale interview process. Gale respects JCAHO accredited standards and state requirements. License expiration dates are registered and monitored. You and your state partners have access to credentials at all times by the click of a button, all from your smartphone. To get started, contact Gale at: