Maternity leave, sickness, a temporary staff shortage, a seasonal uptick in patient care–the reasons for having gaps in your nurse scheduling can be as numerous as the headaches those gaps create. Managers of healthcare facilities are finding it strategically advantageous to partner with staffing agencies to meet their nursing needs.


Here are just 3 ways hospitals and the nursing care industries are using nurse staffing agencies to alleviate their staffing stress:


Widening Their Pool of Candidates

One benefit managers like best is the ability to access a large number of qualified nurses that are available to work as impressive healthcare professionals at their facilities. The staffing agency has trained recruiters who vet nurses, ensuring they are qualified to work in your area and have their CVs and references. A nurse who already holds a license in the state in which the facility is located, as well as all other essential credentials, is available to fill shifts immediately.

Taking Back the Gift of Time

When facilities work with a staffing agency, their hiring managers don’t have to spend hours on the phone or in conference rooms conducting interviews, scanning resumes online, and posting openings on job boards. They also are no longer trapped covering scheduling gaps themselves. It saves both time and stress when a manager can trust a temporary nurse to adapt quickly to the environment. Nurses who work with staffing agencies are used to meeting new people, becoming familiar with different types of facilities, and quickly learning various systems and procedures. Hiring managers love that they can count on the nurses to show up, immediately pitch in, and provide care with ease.

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience

What could be simpler than opening an app and sharing your scheduling needs, only to have those gaps filled quickly while you tend to other responsibilities?  The best agencies also have the simplest technology.  With the tap of a button, a manager can conveniently reach into the pool of nursing resources and alleviate the stress of unexpected or unmet scheduling needs. It should be easy!

Gale is a renowned nurse staffing agency that prides itself on eliminating stress on facility managers. Keep the process simple by partnering with a trusted resource for all your staffing needs. At Gale, we always keep your staff full!